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One Way Ticket: A Musical Murder Mystery is a new musical by Daniel Sturman and R.C. Staab, the team that produced 2012’s sell out musical Zombie Wedding.

It is 1936 and a reclusive billionaire, W.D. Wylie, has built the world’s grandest train, the Rocket Express. For the maiden voyage, Wylie has invited debutantes, public enemies, oil barons and Noble Laureates. After a quick getaway from Chicago’s Union Station, the party is in full swing until two of the invited guests die in a horrific circumstance. Then, another two die. And another two. Something untoward is occurring. Will the remaining guests discover who among them is the assailant before the night is through? Grab your One Way Ticket and find out!!


The show features a small ensemble. The set should be evocative of a train but should rely on the audience’s imagination. Eight actors play 19 roles.